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The “Kaladkaren” will try 102km

The “kaladkaren” me strikes again.  Since the evolution of ultrarunning in the Philippines in 2010  I have been active in joining at least 3 ultramarathon  races in a year, my longest then was 70km. The 3 per year  was a conservative choice for  health purposes.   I thought I was satisfied with the 50-70km distance   until one morning  while  driving on my way to  the gym, I chanced upon an old friend and a certified ultrarunning addict, Mel Severino.  (Mel is one of the pioneers of Bataan Death March (BDM)  102km, 160km and 200km multi-stage )  He was running on his way home   and almost finished 35km run.  Mel excitedly told me that he was   preparing for his Tagaytay to Naic race 102km   which is set  on May 12.  As I didn’t   have any major  scheduled race in the next few months or so, my eyes twinkled with equal excitement.  Feeling the eagerness in my action,  Mel  delivered a very  convincing words which I  briefly replied with ……..”hmmmmm I like”.

As I headed home,  checked on my calendar,  checked on my mileage for the year, checked on my body, and  started serious training.  After several exchanges of text messages with Mel, I  finally confirmed.   I think I am ready for this.  I  will  run 102km because I know I can.  I will do this not for anyone or anything else but for myself.  God is with me and will be with me all throughout.   To GOD be the Glory.

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Of juicer and of blender

In 2012, I  went into 80%  Raw food  diet after attending a Raw Food preparation workshop by Asha Peri. It was suggested by my friends,  the pretty and sexy sisters  Jessica Lao and Jenny Tikhanova  who tried 100% raw food diet for 10 straight days.  Jessica and Jenny  sort of   suggested  to  try such for my skin asthma coupled by my goal to shed a little more pounds.   It was a smooth transition as fruits and veggies are truly part of my diet.  The slight challenge there was the  process itself which normally takes 30 minutes to prepare  coupled by the kind of juicer and blender that I have.  The Php850 juicer  is incapable of handling bulk  and  hard fruits and veggies.  Water kept on dripping  on the  less than Php600 blender.     Tolerant as I truly am,  the saga on  the  juice thingy  continued for atleast a year  disregarding  my mediocre raw food machines. I lost  7 pounds then and my skin asthma lessened its visits.  However, as my schedule stiffens, raw food diet  became an all food diet.   I tried as much as I can to inject juicing into my diet once in a while but that effort got into nowhere as I realized that I kept the juicer and blender into the cabinet and forgot all about it.


my 2 juicers and blender. please be good to me

 STARTING  OVER AGAIN…. As I was into the movie (and to Piolo Pascual )  per se, I know that I am into the juicing per so too.

In February 26, 2014 ,   I decided to buy a new Juicer.  It was a bit pricey compared to the Php850 that I had in 2012.  When I used it this  morning, I enjoyed every pressing of the fruits and veggies.  And  when I was done with the juicing, I  couldn’t help but truly savor every taste of the carrots, lettuce, kangkong, banana and spirulina.  As I finished the glass of raw juice, I knew then that this is  just the beginning. I knew then that I will be into raw food juicing again. As to when,  I just cannot tell.  All I know at this point in time is , I AM INTO IT and I WILL START  OVER AGAIN.

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2ForDaRoad north trip

2ForDaRoad north trip

Its been 4 years since we last visited Our lady of manaoag .sort of recovery from my 62km and 21km in feb coupled by the urge to seek divine help, we headed north and was able to catch the 10am mass . The solemnity of the mass and the place itself, being a Monday, helped me so much to concentrate on the very purpose of the long travel… commune with Our Lady of Manaoag, to pray for intercession. I prayed. I prayed intently. Offered to God the challenges we are into, prayed for utmost strength physically and emotionally. I knew then on our way back home that, indeed, God heard me loud and clear. I knew then that God is with me.

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Flashback mode

I almost forgot about this blog until last Sunday, Feb 23, 2014 after my 21km Financial Fitness run, and during my chat with a “kababayan” and a newly hooked runner, Jojo Borlaza, asked if I was a writer. I said NO. That made me remember that I have a blog which I shared to him. Instinctively, I re-read my blog. While reading, couldn’t help but reminisce how a saying “yes” to my friend Rhoze Lim to join Mens Health relay for a cause in 2008 would lead to a passion. How things really happen for a reason. How people touch lives. Had I refuse to join the race, I wouldn’t have discovered an interest which has changed my life.

Still in a flashback mode, I tried to open the account but forgot my password. Obviously, its been a while since I last visited my blog. I revised the password but for whatever reason while facing the computer I started to write, continuously.

It has been 6 years now since I got hooked into running simultaneous with the creation of this blog. I never stopped running but unfortunately stopped writing. New route interests me. Be it international or domestic. After my TNF Sacobia 22km trail in 2009 and TNF Camsur in 2011, my craziness to running continued. Specifically, I was dragged to the following challenging trail races:

1. TNF Baguio 50km 2012 – DNF
2. TNF Baguio 50km 2013 – Finisher with a time of 16:50hours.
3. PSA Skyrunning 2013 – Finisher

Moreso, here are significant races joined like Ultramarathon, marathon and other out of town races worth mentioning :

1. PAU Tanay 50km ultramarathon 2010 – Finisher. 6th place Female category
2. PAU Pagudpod, Ilokos 70km ultramarathon 2010 – Finisher
3. Cebu Challenge 50km 2010 ultramarathon            – Finisher
4. TNF Camsur 50km trail ultramarathon 2011          –  Finisher top 10 female category
5. Dumaguete Marathon 2011                                         – Finisher top 10 female category
6 Valley Trail challenge Nuvali 25km 2011                   –    Finisher
7. Cebu  Challenge 50km ultramarathon 2011             – Finisher

8.  Valley Trail Challenge Nuvali 27km 2012                – Finisher
9. Tacloban I shall return 50km ultramarathon 2012 – Finisher
10. Quezon run 25km 2012                                             – Finisher
11. Cagayan de Oro 57km trail ultramarathon 2012 – Finisher top 6th female category
12. Penang, Malaysia Marathon 2012                           – Finisher
13. Mt. Itogon 50km ultramarathon 2013                    – Finisher 3rd place
14. Rizal Half Marathon 2013                                          – Finisher
15. MAP Quezon 50km ultramarathon 2013               – Finisher
16. Ankor Wat, Cambodia half marathon  2013          – Finisher
17. Luneta to Tagaytay 62km ultramarathon               – Finisher top 8th female category

Those not written such as the 10s and 21kms were held in Metro Manila or maybe as age was catching on me, I may have forgotten them.

Upon remembering the above races, I already know that I have a lot of things to write about, something worth sharing. I know I am ready to write again and this time I will post what I will write.

Meanwhile, let me show you my simple awarding when I ranked 3rd in female category during Itogon 50km Challenge in 2013. I was with the very good Race organizer Phillip, the supportive barangay official of Itogon and my close and makulit na friend David Buban ItogonChallenge2013

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an ultra crazy runner

Last April 30, 2011, I  was one of the 50km trail race  crazy’ participants of TNF100 in Camsur.  The craziness  didn’t stop there, as it was a  decision not planned, nor a choice. The initial  plan was  to register for  21km  just to experience trail running in Camsur  while our friends Chinky Tan and Ronnie and Elma Gabriana would do 50km. These 3   have done quite a few 50km trails  so  another 50km wouldn’t shock their nerves.

 Thought everything was set smoothly until one morning while having  breakfast buffet with my friends,   Berns Tan teasingly   popped the  question which turned out  be a statement,  “bakit hindi na lang tayo mag 50km?/! ”.  Since I assumed it was a joke, continued savoring   the food but was stunned with the positive reaction of Candy Lee and Charit Agana.  The two were supposed to be my allied in dreading trail runs, so what happened? Simple:  both just wanted to try doing an ultra trail race, that’s just it.  What’s left of me then is history.  Berns, Candy, Charit, Fiona, Reylynne and I registered for 50km while Chinky, Ronnie and Elma upgraded to 100km.

 Reylynne could have zoom fast me as she was  physically capable to  do such,   but opted to hang on  all through out the 15 ++ hours.  Below is the link of Reylynne’s  blog featuring my struggle  in conquering one of  my greatest fears : fear of the trail!!

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A runners’ cry, plead and pray : for my friends

I forgot to blog, until recently. But that doesn’t mean, I forgot to run too. I’ve been running regularly. Though as  an average runner, I knew I needed help. Never asked for one but my dear friends Berns  and Jade, who may have been  Samaritans in their past lives, offered  that I train with them. So I did. The reason  why I always finish strong, uninjured   and beaming. I have yet to master sprint and the freshness they exude after each race, a knack I truly admire. Our  training was crazy, but worth the exhaustion.

 Things were normal, then came the  removal of Berns and Jade’s name from a supposed  remarkable race  due to an alleged cheating. This episode  will definitely leave a mark in the  running community.  The 2 are  consistent participants in road races for the last 2 and a half years, like Condura, Milo, Adidas, Botak, to name a few. Already joined  2 international marathons –  Standard Chartered Marathon in Dec 2010 and Great Wall of China early this year.  Berns and Jade  never cheated in the race. What made me say so?  A sane person  will not spend, nor even travel by land for   12 hours  only to cheat in a race.

 I have a very few close friends, by choice.  Call it a  cliché   but  I go by my parents’ anecdote of  “telling  who my friends are and  will surely be told of I am”.  When one values parents wisdoms   in their decisions,  how  would one go  wrong?  So I chose the circle I am now, where Berns and Jade are part of.

 In running,   Berns and Jade

Start with strategy.

Endurance is their forte    

Coolness   is their  charm

 Things have been said and done. Runners and even non-runners shared  piece of their minds, objective and subjective.  What’s left of me then.


I cry .

I cry because I cannot bear seeing my friends suffer from an offense they never committed, nor ever think of committing.    

 I plead.

I plead for the truth to come out.  I plead for the essence of running to prevail : sportsmanship, camaraderie and  peace.  And I plead  that the issue does not  die a  natural death. 

 For those who started it all, can you face yourself in the mirror and  honestly say that you are happy for what had happened only because of running, or sheer competition? Are you happy that the dignity  of 2 innocent   individuals have been tainted because of what you have done? Can you proudly face your family and say that you have done the right thing? Can you still sleep tightly?  If YES, then


I pray for divine intervention.  I pray for your souls.

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I am so back

If there’s penalty for not blogging, I should have already gotten one.  Don’t ever think that I have stopped running.  Never will I do that for as long as my feet are strong enough to stride, I will continue running.  

Its just that since our running group decided to join Standard Chartered (FULL) Marathon in Singapore come Dec 7, been busy practicing. We have been running everywhere, from Fort to  Makati Business District, Fort to NAIA, Fort to MOA, to name a few.  We have been running under a heavy rain and extreme heat. Of course, it was documented, not in my blog, but in my facebook. oppsss.  I’ll try to post some photos of our practice soon, what’s important is that I am already back,  “B-A-C-K”   to blogging.  Watch out!




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Forty two and lunarglide

42 is not my age, yet,  not even the size of my waist line, nor my house number. This is the kilometer race that I plan to join come October.  October 2009 marks my 14th month anniversary in the running arena so just thought that maybe, just maybe if Gods will, its  about time that I go to the next (or final??) level  : full marathon!

I know I can’t do this alone so before I finally  decided,  asked Jonas and  my running buddies if they were  ready to take the plunge.  Though not everybody confirmed as some are still facing running syndrome,  the fact that I know I have my friends to practice to and share the thrill and dread is enough for me to focus on this goal. Its only July 5, so have almost four month to prepare emotionally and  physically for the final countdown.

Call it a runners’ whim, but this supposedly inexpensive activity turned out to be otherwise. In preparation for the 42km, I thought a new running shoes would truly motivate me. My choices were either new balance or Newton. My New Balance 726 has been very friendly to me compared to my Asics Gel-Kinsei 2. I never had a Newton yet so might as well try one.  But the reviews and advertisement I witnessed for  several  weeks made me drool for  this new Nike running shoes. And yesterday evening, after attending the anticipated mass in Sanctuario de San Antonio, we visited Nike in BHS, scrutinized this  well publicized shoes called Nike Lunarglide, and I so liked it. What  happens next is history.  This morning, I excitedly put on my size 8 maroon Lunarglide Nike shoes and headed for a 10km run in UP with Jonas.  Jonas would always  ask how was my Lunarglilde, what do I feel, etc. etc. Hearing a positive upshot, he cried with envy and rushed to BHS to get a pair for himself. 

Just the same  42km here I come…….Lunarglide, be good to my  feet and Jonas’ too.







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My roller coaster ride with weight loss

Blame it on genes, on foods, on lifestyle.  For quite a number of years, I have been a victim of this mania until I woke up one morning detesting what I saw in the mirror.


Me at 150+++ lbs in April 2007


Me at 150++ lbs.4


Let me briefly share with you some significant details on my yoyo weight for the last 10 years from 140lbs (as I already forgot how I lost my post pregnancy weight of 10 lbs)

Year 1999

Tried the famous Xenical for about a month but stopped taking it due to discomfort every time I take this. Pounds lost: 5 .Weight when i stopped 135

Year 2000

Was lured by Bangkok pills. I was ecstatic when my appetite was suppressed by  2 or 3 pills I took before each meal, disregarding the dryness in my mouth and frequent peeing.  This was followed by a very quick effect on my weight loss  and in a span of 2 months, I  lost  25 lbs. However, on the 3rd month, noticed that the pills no longer had an effect on my body. In short, got immune with it so decided to stop taking Bangkok pills.  Pounds lost – 25. Weight when I stopped : 110

Year 2001-2004

These were the years where I was totally baffled on what to do with my weight. Worst, I regained the 25 lbs lost from Bangkok pills. Tried all kinds of fad diets from hearsay, tv advs, magazines.  Several diet pills like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Lesofat and the last was  a color orange box with a ballet dancer on the cover  ( hay couldn’t  really recall the name !!) entered my body .   Diet shakes didn’t escape my eyes too. While on and off with diet pills and shakes, I enrolled in Slimmers world for 1 year as advised by a former officemate. Summarizing my weight gain and loss (or otherwise) :  

                  2001-2003            gain  25lbs     –  ended with    135 lbs 

                  2003                      lost    9 lbs       –  ended with  126 lbs

                                                gain   5 lbs         – ended   132  lbs 

                   2004                  0                            –   132

June 2005-May 2007

Jonas surprised me when he enrolled me in Fitness First Fort.  The first group exercise that caught my attention was the spinning class which since then have  become my  favorite. Once in a while I would inject diet pills and other fad diets into my system, not to mention my  erroneous eating habit like preferring  deep fry bread (2 tuna cariman for lunch ,super yummy!!)  and iced mocha over real meal.   My  addiction to all kinds of chips and cornik was then unstoppable. I was enjoying my 1 hour spinning class of 5 to 6 times a week plus other group exercises such as body pump, body combat and body balance , for almost 2 years when I was struck by deep depression as my weight reached a whooping 155lbs. Panicking. I visited Marie France and after few minutes of  listening to their sales pitch, I immediately enrolled in their FMS  (Fat Mobilization System), it was then followed by Physique Inch Loss where I lost 5  pounds  in 3 months. Here is the summary of my yoyo weight:

                     Sept 2006                gain  23 lbs   –      155

                     Oct-Dec 2006        lost  5 lbs       –      150            Marie France

                     Jan-May 2007      lost    3 lbs      –       147 lbs    Consistent work out 

June 2007-  July 2008

Intrigued by the poster that I saw in Fitness First about weight management , I immediately contacted one of their consultants Arvin Carina who is also a licensed physical therapist.  After telling Arvin my history on weight struggle, he required   me to religiously adhere to the weight management bible of  naturally losing weight, meaning though that I would have to throw my fad diets practices.  Few of the many things that I have learned from weight management :

1) Daily adherence to  5+2+2+2+2  (minimum servings of 5 carbs, 2 protein, 2 veggies, 2 fruits, 2 milk).  Of course, this practice was personalized based on my lifestyle and  daily activity as suggested  by  Arvin.   For starters, keeping a journal of your food intake is suggested.  

2) 3 hours interval on food intake. This way you wouldn’t starve yourself and avoid the tendency of overeating

3)  Trying outdoor sports like badminton and  running

4) Eating my fave foods, like  donut, cakes, pizza, chocolates and chips, in moderation

5) Eating rice and burger is not fattening. Eating lots of rice and burger is fattening. In short, eating more than  what your body needs is really fattening.  

6) Taking a day or two of rest from working out.  

7) Regularly (preferably weekly) weighing yourself to know your improvement.

8) Don’t panic if you gain 2 lbs in a week (once in a while) as it can be blamed on your body system. 

9) If you feel that you are no longer losing weight with your  current exercise (program),  try to stop doing the same thing for          about a week and resume  the following week.  Its like  rebooting your system.


November 2008 at 130lbs

November 2008 at 130lbs after losing 17 lbs from strict weight management

August 2008 todate

In August 2008, our gym buddy Joey and Rhoze  Lim invited us to participate in Mens Health marathon  relay of 10km in The Fort as its  proceeds would  go to charity. We happily joined the said race and even wanted more. Before joining succeeding races, we first convinced  some of our gym friends to run with us as Jonas and me believed that marathon  would truly be enjoyable if you do it with friends. From then on, our group has become a part of the weekly races from  Bahaginan, to Adidas,  New Balance, Botak, UP Ictus, Condura and many more. In addition to my regular gym work out,  running outdoor and indoor is now  part of my activity . I don’t run fast, I just enjoy every stride I make, every panorama I see and every  movement of my whole body.  My  addiction to running now pave the way to losing 18 more pounds.  Todate, I have already lost 43 pounds.

Thanks to Fitness First weight management coach Arvin Carina  for guiding me to a healthy lifestyle, to Joey and Rhoze Lim who opened my eyes to  marathon and my running friends  who have been  making every marathon exciting and truly worth looking forward too. 

What triggered my quest to healthy living

  1. When  I kept on buying size Large and Extra Large clothes
  2. When I  could no longer fit in my   size 28 pants and my size small and medium blouse/tshirts
  3. When I  was forced to wear Jonas’ size 32-34 maong and Tshirts
  4. When my former boss asked me if I was pregnant (arggghh)
  5. When I was too scared to step on the weighing scale

These 5 items were now part of my past as I am now enjoying this body:

14thWeddingAnniv.CME 041

and this:

14thWeddingAnniv.CME 005

me following weight management bible with regular gym work out and my new love: running

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Earth Run May 31: my name/result unlisted…..yet

Addict as you may call us, but despite the heavy to moderate rain we still proceeded to Mckinley Hills for the 16km Earth Run, dressed for the race but not ready to run. Proof of which,  didn’t  bring the foot pad of my polar watch. Honestly, I was hoping though that the organizer would cancel the race so we can go back to enjoying the bed weather in our room. With  the influx of runners and with the very  slight improvement  in  weather, the race proceeded but 30 minutes late from the original time of 5:30.  No big deal for all of us, I believe, as the only reason we prefer an earlier starting time is the avoidance of the extreme heat.

Since I didn’t have any choice then but to really join the race,  I just decided to do a very careful and  easy run as I was too scared of the slippery road.  It was a good decision to run.  My initial negativity on the race was then replaced by  delight.  I enjoyed every stride I made. Even if McKinley Hills and  Bayani Road  have become our  playground (as what Bards of Banana Running mentioned to me before), I just couldn’t help but be  endlessly mesmerized by its  panorama.  The route was perfectly planned, waters were placed in a small cup which was just enough for us to quence our thirst every 2km, and freebies were cool.

True enough I carefully and successfully finished the race in 1:38 , but  without any photo as Jonas left his celfone in the car, arrgggh.  Generally, Earth Run was an organized event.  My  appreciation for Earth Run should have been forever had it not been for  their  oversight to post my race result. I  contacted  Mary Anne Rigor,  of vAds Event. As per my advise to her in June 11 email, I will just post our communication in my blog  as  she confirmed that I truly finished the race in 1:38:19  rank #163.  Hope she can immediately amend the race result.   Below is our communication via email which started last June 6.earthrun.racenumber

From: Shiela Compendio <>
Subject: Contact Us Form : Earth Run
Date: Saturday, 6 June, 2009, 5:05 AM

I joined earth run  16km last may 31 with race number 1238. my time based on the Timex was 1:38.  apparently, i couldn\’t find my name is your list.

Hope to receive your reply the soonest. thank you

Shiela Compendio

From: Mary Anne Ringor <>
To: Shiela Compendio <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 9:03:26
Subject: Re: Contact Us Form : Earth Run

Hi Shiela!  Sorry for late reply.  Your official time was 1:38.19, rank #163.  I will revise the results.  My apologies.  Thank you very much.  Maryanne

From: Shiela Compendio <>
Subject: Re: Contact Us Form : Earth Run
To: “Mary Anne Ringor” <>
Date: Thursday, 11 June, 2009, 12:29 AM
hi maryanne,
i checked the earth run result earlier and this is what i saw :
Rank     Race No

162         1116                  Pitt, Brad                      1:38.18 

 163         1441                 Garcia Theresa             1:38.20 


contrary to what you mentioned to me on your June 9 email.


truly hope  you will immediately revise the result.



rom: Mary Anne Ringor <>
To: Shiela Compendio <>
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 8:40:06
Subject: Re: Contact Us Form : Earth Run


Dear Shiela,


I sent you email because I had the results double checked manually, and found your ranking.  We had technical difficulties with the bar code as most of them were smudged in the rain.  With regards the posted official list, I said I will revise.  Please note that I will do that personally, but just can not attend right away due to commitments and business meetings.


Be assured that I will revise.


Maraming salamat po.



Mary Anne













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