Posted by: 2FORdaROAD | April 14, 2014

The “Kaladkaren” will try 102km

The “kaladkaren” me strikes again.  Since the evolution of ultrarunning in the Philippines in 2010  I have been active in joining at least 3 ultramarathon  races in a year, my longest then was 70km. The 3 per year  was a conservative choice for  health purposes.   I thought I was satisfied with the 50-70km distance   until one morning  while  driving on my way to  the gym, I chanced upon an old friend and a certified ultrarunning addict, Mel Severino.  (Mel is one of the pioneers of Bataan Death March (BDM)  102km, 160km and 200km multi-stage )  He was running on his way home   and almost finished 35km run.  Mel excitedly told me that he was   preparing for his Tagaytay to Naic race 102km   which is set  on May 12.  As I didn’t   have any major  scheduled race in the next few months or so, my eyes twinkled with equal excitement.  Feeling the eagerness in my action,  Mel  delivered a very  convincing words which I  briefly replied with ……..”hmmmmm I like”.

As I headed home,  checked on my calendar,  checked on my mileage for the year, checked on my body, and  started serious training.  After several exchanges of text messages with Mel, I  finally confirmed.   I think I am ready for this.  I  will  run 102km because I know I can.  I will do this not for anyone or anything else but for myself.  God is with me and will be with me all throughout.   To GOD be the Glory.


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